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Volume 598 Issue 7881, 21 October 2021

Climate clean-up

The cover shows a coal field and open-cast mining near Ordos. With the COP 26 UN Climate Change Conference set to begin in Glasgow, UK, on 31 October, all eyes are focused on whether nations can agree on how to advance the faltering fight against the effects of climate change. In this week’s issue, Nature looks at how well the various efforts are working — and what more needs to be done.

Source image: Markus Sepperer/Anzenberger/eyevine

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  • News & Views

    • Finding a treatment for dengue, the most prevalent mosquito-borne viral disease in humans, has been difficult. A compound called JNJ-A07 displays promising activity against dengue virus in mouse models of infection.

      • Scott B. Biering
      • Eva Harris
      News & Views
    • A set of electromagnets has been used to move metal objects without touching them, even though the objects are not magnetic. This method could potentially be used like a ‘tractor beam’ to move hazardous objects in space.

      • Eric Diller
      News & Views
    • High-throughput analyses of how sleeping fruit flies respond to a variety of odours show that the brains of these insects continue to process the value of the signals conveyed by sensory information during sleep.

      • Wanhe Li
      • Alex C. Keene
      News & Views
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