Volume 348 Issue 6296, 1 November 1990


  • Opinion |

    The United States, the land of free enterprise, seems to be curiously illogical in its continuing belief that markets in some commodities should be less than free

  • Opinion |

    The time has come for decisive action by Utah's Fusion Advisory Committee.

  • Opinion |

    The British government's plan to turn British universities into commercial enterprises has backfired.



News & Views


News & Views

Scientific Correspondence

  • Scientific Correspondence |

    • M. DOMINGO
    • , L. FERRER
    • , M. PUMAROLA
    • , A. MARCO
    • , J. PLANA
    • , S. KENNEDY
    • , M. MCALISEY
    •  & B.K. RIMA

Book Reviews




Product Reviews

  • Product Review |

    The RNA polymerases from T7 and related bacteriophages, in conjunction with elements of DNA and RNA viruses, can be used in novel ways for expression of genes in mammalian cells.

    • B. Moss
    • , O. Elroy-Stein
    • , T. Mizukami
    • , W. A. Alexander
    •  & T. R. Fuerst
  • Product Review |

    A kit for the direct cloning of PCR-amplified nucleic acids, a novel DNA sequencing technology and mRNA spin columns — new tools for the molecular biologist.

    • Diane Gershon
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