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  • Materials that refract light backwards are thought to be required for making super-resolution lenses. An alternative proposal — that conventional, positively refracting media can do the job — has met with controversy. Two experts from either side of the debate lay out their views on the matter.

    • Tomáš Tyc
    • Xiang Zhang
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  • The collapse of the Maya civilization is often attributed to drought, but is the explanation really as simple as that? On the basis of evidence from their respective fields, an archaeologist and a palaeoclimatologist call for a more nuanced assessment.

    • James Aimers
    • David Hodell
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  • A technique called somatic-cell nuclear transfer has been applied to human oocytes, resulting in the generation of personalized stem cells, albeit genetically abnormal ones. Two experts discuss the biomedical significance of this work and the ethical issues surrounding the use of human oocytes in research. See Article p.70

    • George Q. Daley
    • Jan Helge Solbakk
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  • Increased expression of sirtuin proteins has been shown to enhance lifespan in several organisms. New data indicate that some of the reported effects may have been due to confounding factors in experimental design. Here, experts discuss the significance of these data for research into ageing. See Letter p.482

    • David B. Lombard
    • Scott D. Pletcher
    • Johan Auwerx
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  • Variation in a genomic region that contains the cancer-associated gene ATM affects a patient's response to the diabetes drug metformin. Two experts discuss the implications for understanding diabetes and the link to cancer.

    • Morris J. Birnbaum
    • Reuben J. Shaw
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  • Two approaches have emerged for creating libraries of compounds for use in biological screening assays for drug discovery — fragment-based ligand design and diversity-oriented synthesis. Advocates of each approach discuss their favoured strategy.

    • Philip J. Hajduk
    • Warren R. J. D. Galloway
    • David R. Spring
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  • A growing body of literature deals with the application of theories developed in other disciplines to financial institutions, to which a paper in this issue now adds. As outlined here, however, views differ as to its relevance. See Perspective p.351

    • Neil Johnson
    • Thomas Lux
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  • Many scientists now use the power of computer models to advance their subjects. But there is a choice: to simplify complex systems or to include more detail. Modelling the intricate processes of sedimentary geology is a case in point.

    • Chris Paola
    • Mike Leeder
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