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  • Templated synthesis is a valuable method for the preparation of oligomers but requires stoichiometric amounts of the template. Here a catalytic macrocyclic template is reported that promotes the oligomerization of a small-molecule substrate and controls its length. The length of the oligomer correlates with the dimensions of the template.

    • Bartosz M. Lewandowski
    • Dario Schmid
    • Helma Wennemers
    Article Open Access
  • A modular and general method to make unprotected aryl C-glycosides with high stereoselectivity from simple starting materials has been developed based on photoredox, Ni-catalysed cross-coupling. Key to success is the use of an allyl glycosyl sulfone in combination with tolyl sulfinate as the synthetic equivalent of a glycosyl anion.

    Research Briefing
  • Conventional synthesis of noble/non-noble metal alloy nanocrystals lacks control over metal co-reduction. An interfacial co-reduction strategy involving active hydrogen is developed that overcomes the difference in the reduction potential of the metals to enable the controlled synthesis of alloy nanostructures with precise and broadly tunable compositions.

    Research Briefing
  • Nanoscale heterostructures are promising for applications in energy and information conversion. Now, a competitive ion-exchange method in which multiple ions diffuse in and out of colloidal nanocrystals provides a route to rapidly synthesize heterostructures on the nanoscale.

    • Bryce Sadtler
    News & Views
  • The synthesis of benzylic carbocations bearing meta-hydroxyl substituents is difficult due to their lack of resonance stabilization. Now, a catalytic enantioselective reaction between meta-hydroxyl triarylmethanols and indoles, proceeding through a meta-hydroxyl triarylmethyl cation, is reported. A range of chiral tetraarylmethanes with anticancer activity are prepared.

    • Xuefeng Tan
    • Zhiqin Deng
    • Jianwei Sun
  • The synthesis of aryl C-glycosides often requires manipulation of protecting groups. Here a general method to prepare aryl C-glycosides from unprotected and stable starting materials has been achieved by photoredox, Ni-catalysed cross-coupling. The protocol was also applied in the synthesis of several sugar–drug conjugates and gliflozin drug molecules.

    • Chen Zhang
    • Shi-Yang Xu
    • Dawen Niu
  • The synthesis of interlocking molecular [n]catenanes of organic polyhedra (n = 2–3) and rings (n = 2–130) is established; however, the analogous chemistry of infinite 3D structures remains undeveloped. Now, reticular chemistry enables the synthesis of crystalline [∞]catenane covalent organic frameworks constructed from interlocking organic polyhedra.

    • Tianqiong Ma
    • Yi Zhou
    • Omar M. Yaghi
  • The development of gold catalysis is restricted by its high redox potential, and the introduction of strong oxidants to overcome this is accompanied by poor functional group compatibility. Here electrochemical oxidation is used to control gold valence changes, showing excellent compatibility with a wide range of active functional groups and bio-additives.

    • Hao Liang
    • Yilitabaier Julaiti
    • Jin Xie