Special Feature

Experimental and Molecular Medicine publishes "Special feature" on the specific topics of the research within the journal's scope, selected by the editors of the journal. Each special feature contain reviews and research articles solicited from the leading researchers of the field, and aims to provide readers with compreheneive perspective and updates on typical research of the featured topic.

Click the title of each special feature to see specially solicited articles. 

Genomics for Future Medicine (August 2018)

Protein Acetylation: from Molecular Modification to Human Disease (July 2018)

Expanding the concepts of cancer metabolism (April 2018)

Synapse Assembly, Neural Circuit Development, and Brain Disorders (April 2018)

Deciphering cellular and molecular causes of tumor functional heterogeneity of the liver cancer (January 2018)

The microbiota in the chronic inflammation and autoimmunity (May 2017)