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Friday 23 March 2018
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  The Y chromosome — with the genes to make a man — has been sequenced. Often regarded as a genetic wasteland, the sequence reveals that we may have underestimated its powers. Here, Nature presents the research, as well as news, reviews and analysis. As with all of Nature's genome content, these articles are available free online.

Tales of the Y chromosome

H. F. Willard
Determining the sequence of the human Y chromosome presented a daunting challenge to genome researchers. But the task is now done, and the secrets revealed justify the effort.
Nature 423, 810 - 813 (19 June 2003)

The male-specific region of the human Y chromosome is a mosaic of discrete sequence classes

H. Skaletsky et al.
Nature 423, 825 - 837 (19 June 2003)

Abundant gene conversion between arms of palindromes in human and ape Y chromosomes

S. Rozen et al.
423, 873 - 876 (19 June 2003)

The human Y chromosome:
an evolutionary marker comes of age

M. A. Jobling & C. Tyler-Smith
Nature Reviews Genetics 4, 598 - 612 (2003)

Y chromosome sequence completed

DNA readout reveals genetic palindromes safeguard male-defining chromosome.

Y chromosomes rewrite British history
Anglo-Saxons' genetic stamp weaker than historians suspected.

All articles here are available free to registered users

Human spermatozoa: The future of sex

R. John Aitken, Jennifer A. Marshall Graves
The vulnerability of the Y chromosome will be a key factor in shaping the evolutionary future of our species.
Nature 415, 963 (28 Feb 2002)

Unexpectedly similar rates of nucleotide substitution found in male and female hominids
Hacho B. Bohossian, Helen Skaletsky, David C. Page
Nature 406, 622 - 625 (10 Aug 2000)

Y-chromosome variation and Irish origins
Emmeline W. Hill, Mark A. Jobling, Daniel G. Bradley
Nature 404, 351 - 352 (23 Mar 2000)

The application of molecular genetic approaches to the study of human evolution
L. Luca Cavalli-Sforza, Marcus W. Feldman
Nature Genetics 33, 266 - 275 (01 Mar 2003)

The human Y chromosome, in the light of evolution
Bruce T. Lahn, Nathaniel M. Pearson, Karin Jegalian
Nature Reviews Genetics 2, 207 - 216 (01 Mar 2001)

Y chromosome sequence variation and the history of human populations
Peter A. Underhill et al.
Nature Genetics 26, 358 - 361 (01 Nov 2000)

DMY is a Y-specific DM-domain gene required for male development in the medaka fish
Masaru Matsuda et al.
Nature 417, 559 - 563 (30 May 2002)

Male development of chromosomally female mice transgenic for Sry
Koopman P, Gubbay J, Vivian N, Goodfellow P, Lovell-Badge R.
Nature 351, 96 (9 May 1991)

Sox9 induces testis development in XX transgenic mice
Valerie P.I. Vidal, Marie-Christine Chaboissier, Dirk G. de Rooij, Andreas Schedl
Nature Genetics 28, 216 - 217 (01 Jul 2001)

A transgenic insertion upstream of Sox9 is associated with dominant XX sex reversal in the mouse
Colin E. Bishop et al.
Nature Genetics 26, 490 - 494 (01 Dec 2000)

Human mtDNA and Y-chromosome variation is correlated with matrilocal versus patrilocal residence
H. Oota, W. Settheetham-Ishida, D. Tiwawech, T. Ishida, & M. Stoneking
Nature Genetics 29, 20-21 (2001)

Retroposition of autosomal mRNA yielded testis-specific gene family on human Y chromosome
Bruce T Lahn, David C Page
Nature Genetics 21, 429 - 433

Reduced adaptation of a non-recombining neo-Y chromosome
Doris Bachtrog, Brian Charlesworth
Nature 416, 323 - 326 (21 Mar 2002)

Strong male-driven evolution of DNA sequences in humans and apes
Kateryna D. Makova, Wen-Hsiung Li
Nature 416, 624 - 626 (11 Apr 2002)

A physical map of the human Y chromosome
Charles A. Tilford et al.
Nature 409, 943 - 945 (15 Feb 2001)

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