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2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Nature Research congratulates the awardees of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry - Jacques Dubochet, Joachim Frank and Richard Henderson. Their pioneering work on the use of cryo-electron microscopy to solve high-resolution structures of biomolecules has provided unprecedented insights into the complexity of life. Here, we present a Collection of Research, Methods, Reviews and Comment pieces from Nature Research to celebrate the award.

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Reviews, News and Comment

  • Nature Methods | News Feature

    Recent advances in cryo-electron microscopy are enabling researchers to solve protein structures at near-atomic resolutions, expanding the biological applicability of this technique. Michael Eisenstein reports.

    • Michael Eisenstein
  • Nature | Technology Feature

    Structural biologists are at last living the dream of visualizing macromolecules to uncover their function. But it means integrating different technologies, and that's no easy feat.

    • Stephen Ornes
  • Nature Structural & Molecular Biology | Commentary | open

    This report describes the outcomes of the Data Management Challenges in 3D Electron Microscopy workshop. Key topics discussed include data models, validation and raw-data archiving. The meeting participants agreed that the EMDataBank should take the lead in addressing these issues, and concrete action points were agreed upon that will have a substantial impact on the accessibility of three-dimensional EM data in biology and medicine.

    • Ardan Patwardhan
    • , José-Maria Carazo
    • , Bridget Carragher
    • , Richard Henderson
    • , J Bernard Heymann
    • , Emma Hill
    • , Grant J Jensen
    • , Ingvar Lagerstedt
    • , Catherine L Lawson
    • , Steven J Ludtke
    • , David Mastronarde
    • , William J Moore
    • , Alan Roseman
    • , Peter Rosenthal
    • , Carlos-Oscar S Sorzano
    • , Eduardo Sanz-García
    • , Sjors H W Scheres
    • , Sriram Subramaniam
    • , John Westbrook
    • , Martyn Winn
    • , Jason R Swedlow
    •  &  Gerard J Kleywegt

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