Pharmacogenomics: Recent advances and future directions



Special Section on Pharmacogenomics: recent advances and future directions FREE

Taisei Mushiroda, Kathleen M Giacomini and Michiaki Kubo

J Hum Genet 58: 305; doi:10.1038/jhg.2013.53



Pharmacogenomics of endocrine therapy in breast cancer Open

James N Ingle

J Hum Genet 58: 306-312; advance online publication, May 2, 2013; doi:10.1038/jhg.2013.35

Characteristics of pharmacogenomics/biomarker-guided clinical trials for regulatory approval of anti-cancer drugs in Japan FREE

Akihiro Ishiguro, Satomi Yagi and Yoshiaki Uyama

J Hum Genet 58: 313-316; advance online publication, May 9, 2013; doi:10.1038/jhg.2013.36

Pharmacogenomics of severe cutaneous adverse reactions and drug-induced liver injury FREE

Nahoko Kaniwa and Yoshiro Saito

J Hum Genet 58: 317-326; advance online publication, May 2, 2013; doi:10.1038/jhg.2013.37

Important and critical scientific aspects in pharmacogenomics analysis: lessons from controversial results of tamoxifen and CYP2D6 studies FREE

Kazuma Kiyotani, Taisei Mushiroda, Hitoshi Zembutsu and Yusuke Nakamura

J Hum Genet 58: 327-333; advance online publication, May 9, 2013; doi:10.1038/jhg.2013.39

Pharmacogenetics of warfarin: challenges and opportunities FREE

Ming Ta Michael Lee and Teri E Klein

J Hum Genet 58: 334-338; advance online publication, May 9, 2013; doi:10.1038/jhg.2013.40

Pharmacogenomics of anti-platelet therapy: how much evidence is enough for clinical implementation? FREE

Christina G Perry and Alan R Shuldiner

J Hum Genet 58: 339-345; advance online publication, May 23, 2013; doi:10.1038/jhg.2013.41

Use of pharmacogenetics for predicting cancer prognosis and treatment exposure, response and toxicity FREE

Daniel L Hertz and Howard L McLeod

J Hum Genet 58: 346-352; advance online publication, May 16, 2013; doi:10.1038/jhg.2013.42


Original Article

Impact of polymorphisms in drug pathway genes on disease-free survival in adults with acute myeloid leukemia FREE

Sook Wah Yee, Joel A Mefford, Natasha Singh, Mary-Elizabeth Percival, Adrian Stecula, Kuo Yang, John S Witte, Atsushi Takahashi, Michiaki Kubo, Koichi Matsuda, Kathleen M Giacomini and Charalambos Andreadisi

J Hum Genet 58: 353-361; advance online publication, May 16, 2013; doi:10.1038/jhg.2013.38

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