Quantitative methodologies: novel applications in the humanities and social sciences

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At a time when data analysis is increasingly driving research and decision-making, computational analysis, statistical models, computer-based programmes, and other quantitative methods have never been more important. From the interrogation of empirical questions about cultural, social, and behavioural phenomena, to the formation of evidence-based policy, the application of quantitative methods in making sense of real-world data is of paramount importance across all fields of academic enquiry.

Whilst the use of quantitative methodologies is more established in the social sciences, we recognise their growing application in many areas of the humanities. As such, we encourage the submission of novel research arising in such areas where the usefulness of such quantitative approaches is gaining increased recognition.

Original research is invited that:

  • Presents the application of either established or new statistical, computational, and other quantitative methodologies/methods;
  • Discusses real systems represented by appropriate datasets;
  • Includes a detailed explanation of the application of method in the relevant area of study;
  • Discusses and interprets findings in context of appropriate wider literature;
  • Demonstrates a clear significance and contribution to advancing knowledge in the area of application.

Review articles are also welcomed that synthesise recent and emerging developments pertaining to the application of methodological approaches in the humanities or social sciences.

Research reporting the application of methods in all areas of the humanities and social sciences is welcomed including, but not restricted to, the following fields:

Digital humanities
Cultural studies
Cultural Analytics
Culture and Cultural Production
Cultural Evolution
Art History
Artistic and Textual Analysis
Design Research and Trend Analysis
Musicology and Ethnomusicology
Media Studies
Game Studies
Behavioural Sciences
Research evaluation
Science of Science
Computational Social Science
Political science
Urban Studies
Education studies
Policy analysis and evidence-based policymaking
Environmental sociology and climate politics
Media studies


  • Sebastian Ahnert

    King's College, UK; University of Cambridge, UK

  • Juyong Park

    Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology, Korea

  • Maximilian Schich

    The University of Texas at Dallas, USA