Ordered States in Kagome Metals

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Metals built from two-dimensional networks of corner-sharing triangles, or kagome metals, are predicted to host a unique interplay between topologically nontrivial band structures and correlation-driven electronic states. For instance, correlated topological states, unconventional superconductivity, charge density wave and bond ordered states, and complex magnetic textures are predicted to appear and carry with them anomalous Hall effects, new forms of electron pairing, and other exotic phase behaviors. Correlations encoded via magnetic interactions or band fillings near flat bands and saddle point van Hove singularities native to the kagome band structure provide a particularly rich frontier for exploring these effects in real materials. Recent years have witnessed remarkable progress in identifying and exploring broken electronic symmetries in kagome metal compounds hosting strong interaction effects, bringing with them the promise of engineering many of these new states and phase behaviors in new materials. The focus of this collection is on the experimental and theoretical study of broken symmetries and novel ground states uncovered in the growing frontier of kagome metals.

The topics will include, but are not limited to:

  • Theoretical description and prediction of quantum phenomena in kagome metals
  • Experimental demonstration of new quantum states or phenomena in kagome metals
  • Engineering of kagome metal materials that lead to novel properties
  • Investigation of the interplay between various phases of kagome metals
  • Symmetry breaking in kagome metals
  • Study of how classical chemistry (i.e., crystallographic defects, site mixing, stacking faults, etc) plays a role in the physics of kagome metals
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