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Coupled condensates

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  • Review |

    The importance of the Fano resonance concept is recognized across multiple fields of physics. In this Review, Fano resonance is explored in the context of optics, with particular emphasis on dielectric nanostructures and metasurfaces.

    • Mikhail F. Limonov
    • , Mikhail V. Rybin
    • , Alexander N. Poddubny
    •  & Yuri S. Kivshar
  • Article |

    By driving a high-Q fibre-based Fabry–Pérot microresonator with periodic, picosecond optical pulses, deterministic generation of stable femtosecond dissipative cavity solitons has been experimentally realized.

    • Ewelina Obrzud
    • , Steve Lecomte
    •  & Tobias Herr
  • Article |

    Isolated attosecond pulses (IAPs) in the extreme-ultraviolet range are generated by the interaction of half-cycle mid-infrared pulses with gas (Xe, Kr or Ar) and solid media (quartz). The energy of the IAPs is optically tunable over an octave.

    • T. J. Hammond
    • , Sylvain Monchocé
    • , Chunmei Zhang
    • , Giulio Vampa
    • , Dennis Klug
    • , A. Yu. Naumov
    • , D. M. Villeneuve
    •  & P. B. Corkum
  • Letter |

    Variable micropotentials for light are created by thermo-optic imprinting of a dye–polymer solution within a microcavity. A thermalized photon Bose–Einstein condensate as well as the coupling and eigenstate hybridization of sites are demonstrated.

    • David Dung
    • , Christian Kurtscheid
    • , Tobias Damm
    • , Julian Schmitt
    • , Frank Vewinger
    • , Martin Weitz
    •  & Jan Klaers

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