Corrigendum: CD95 promotes tumour growth

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Nature 465, 492496 (2010); doi:10.1038/nature09075

In Fig. 1f of the original Letter, an incorrect actin blot was published: see the corrected panel in Fig. 1 of this Corrigendum. Also, in the original Supplementary Fig. 12c, some of the western blot data were either misinterpreted or raw data could not be located. We have now repeated the entire experiment: see Supplementary Information to this Corrigendum for the corrected Supplementary Fig. 12c. Although there are differences between the different experiments, the increase in phosphorylation of JNK and Jun was reproducible, confirming that stimulation of CD95 causes activation of JNK. All the conclusions of the original Letter are intact except for the data for the original Fig. 4f and g on the phosphorylation level of c-Jun and JNK in the livers of CD95-deficient mice, which have been corrected in two previous Corrigenda: Nature 471, 254 (2011); doi:10.1038/nature09897 and Nature 475, 254 (2011); doi:10.1038/nature10221. The results on the phosphorylation of JNK and Jun in mice injected with the murine CD95-specific agonistic antibody Jo2 under non-apoptotic conditions stand (both at the level of western blot and immunohistochemistry) and are not affected by the above changes; nor are any of the other figures. Further, the key findings of the Letter on the role of CD95 as a growth promoter in cell lines, in endometrioid, ovarian or liver cancer, and in liver regeneration are not affected by these corrections. For clarity, we now provide all the raw western blot data for the original figures and the corrected figures as Supplementary Information to this Corrigendum. A. Hadji and S. DeChant from Northwestern University generated data for the corrigenda. L.C. has declined to sign this Corrigendum.

Figure 1: This figure is the corrected inset to Fig. 1f.
This figure is the corrected inset to Fig. 1f.

CD95-expression levels of HepG2 cells expressing scrambled control (Vec) or CD95shRNA6 (R6), as determined by western blot analysis.

Supplementary Information is available in the online version of the Corrigendum.

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    This file contains corrected western blot scans for both the figures in the main paper and the Supplementary Figures - see the PDF file for details.

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