Optical spectroscopy

Optical spectroscopy encompasses a wide variety of techniques used to study how matter interacts with light. Optical spectroscopy techniques are used in physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology, and associated research fields.

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    Non-fullerene acceptors have enabled record power conversion efficiencies in organic solar cells, but it is unclear how they achieve efficient electron–hole separation. New research shows that extremely long exciton lifetimes are essential to ensure that charges are generated efficiently.

    • Tracey M. Clarke
    Nature Energy 5, 644-645
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    Producing reliable atomic- or close-to-atomic-resolution structures of RNA-only molecules has been a formidable task. Ribosolve can solve sub-nanometer-resolution cryo-EM structures of unbound RNA molecules with unprecedented accuracy and speed.

    • Jane S. Richardson
    Nature Methods 17, 663-664
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    Single-molecule magnets are able to store information through their magnetic anisotropy, making them very promising systems for memory applications. Now, femtosecond-laser-initiated molecular dynamics that modulate magnetic anisotropy have been observed, paving the way for operation on ultrafast timescales.

    • Eric Collet
    Nature Chemistry 12, 429-430