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Plant ecology is a sub-discipline of ecology focussed on the distribution and abundance of plants, and their interactions with the biotic and abiotic environment.

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    Analysis of regional-scale pollen data from southeast Australia that span the entire Holocene epoch reveals that plant functional diversity has been highly variable in time and space. A functional perspective on palaeoecological data helps us to better understand the current climate–biodiversity crisis and to predict future changes.

    • Triin Reitalu
    •  & Sandra Nogué
  • News & Views |

    A global comparison of plant trait patterns calculated using citizen science observations versus those calculated using traditional scientific data reveals remarkable congruence between the two approaches.

    • Angela T. Moles
    •  & Zoe A. Xirocostas
  • Comments & Opinion |

    We identified the function of mangrove ecosystems that underpin ecosystem services, their responses to extreme weather and climatic events, and their role as crucial social-ecological systems as important paradigms shaping mangrove research now and in times to come. Since themes around functions and connectivity, ecological resilience to extreme events, and human–environment interactions are likely to be important underpinnings for other coastal and terrestrial ecosystems too, this paper aims to promote discussion within and beyond the mangrove research community and to help the broader plant science field in viewing and understanding the issue of safeguarding mangrove forests for the future.

    • Farid Dahdouh-Guebas
    • , Daniel A. Friess
    •  & Stefano Cannicci
    Nature Plants 8, 1131-1135
  • News & Views |

    Genome sequences and expression data for partly and wholly mycoheterotrophic orchids shed light on shifts in nuclear genes that may help drive dependence on fungi for carbon.

    • Thomas J. Givnish
    Nature Plants 8, 324-325