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Drosophila is a genus of two-winged flies commonly known as fruit flies that are used in evolutionary and developmental studies. D. melanogaster is an important model organism for the study of genetics and development.


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    Animals need to be able to evaluate environmental pH. Mechanisms that mediate sour taste and acid sensing have been reported across species, but less is known about the detection of high pH. Mi et al. identify the gene alkaliphile, which encodes a high-pH-gated chloride channel in the gustatory system of flies.

    • Scarlet J. Park
    •  & William W. Ja
    Nature Metabolism 5, 364-365
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    Two new toolkits that leverage deep-learning approaches can track the positions of multiple animals and estimate poses in different experimental paradigms.

    • Sena Agezo
    •  & Gordon J. Berman
    Nature Methods 19, 410-411
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    Optogenetic and thermogenetic tools have been limited to applications for single-state control of cellular processes. A single-component optogenetic tool was found to act as both a temperature sensor and a photoreceptor, enabling multi-state control of developmental signaling.

    • Maxwell Z. Wilson
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    X-ray holographic nano-tomography is a promising complement to electron microscopy for connectomics studies.

    • Nina Vogt
    Nature Methods 17, 1072