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Cohesion between the duplicated DNA molecules keep them 'glued' together until they are separated in mitosis. Cohesion is mediated by the cohesin protein complex, and is destroyed in a highly regulated manner when chromosomes are correctly aligned to allow chromosome segregation into daughter cells.

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    SMC (structural maintenance of chromosomes) protein complexes act in chromosome processing in all domains of life. In this issue, a study of the prokaryotic SMC complex Smc–ScpAB reveals an unanticipated asymmetry despite Smc forming a symmetric homodimer. This asymmetry—contributed by two distinct binding sites in Smc for the kleisin ScpA—is crucial for function in vivo and bears similarities to the eukaryotic complexes formed by Smc heterodimers.

    • Amy L Upton
    •  & David J Sherratt