Volume 7 Issue 9, September 2000


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    The known X-ray crystal structure of a bacterial RNA polymerase together with systematic site-specific protein nucleic acid crosslinking analyses have allowed the determination of the path of DNA and RNA through RNA polymerase.

    • Stephen D. Bell
    •  & Stephen P. Jackson
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    A crystal structure of a tetrameric restriction enzyme, NgoMIV, bound to two DNA duplexes has been determined. Two subunits contact each duplex in much the same manner as a dimeric restriction enzyme recognizing a single site, but the dimeric units are packed back-to-back, placing the duplexes on opposite sides of the tetramer. Interaction with two recognition sites, presumably via looping, enhances NgoMIV activity.

    • Stephen E. Halford
    • , Darren M. Gowers
    •  & Richard B. Sessions



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