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  • In mice, temporally patterned inputs to the motor cortex that controls the forelimb are required for a well-trained reaching behaviour.

    • Natasha Bray
    Research Highlight
  • Cell-extrinsic changes in the systemic environment, transported to the site of action by the blood, have recently been shown to contribute to brain ageing. In this Review, Pluvinage and Wyss-Coray discuss how circulating molecules in the blood modulate brain function in health, ageing and disease.

    • John V. Pluvinage
    • Tony Wyss-Coray
    Review Article
  • Changes in cortical gain enable neurons to respond adaptively to changing inputs. In this Review, Ferguson and Cardin describe the mechanisms that modulate cortical gain, and its effects on and relevance for cognition and behaviour.

    • Katie A. Ferguson
    • Jessica A. Cardin
    Review Article
  • There has been considerable interest in cell-replacement strategies for the treatment of Parkinson disease. In this Review, Parmar, Grealish and Henchcliffe highlight some of the key developments in this field, with a focus on therapies based on dopamine neurons derived from human pluripotent stem cells.

    • Malin Parmar
    • Shane Grealish
    • Claire Henchcliffe
    Review Article
  • Tissue-clearing methods are now allowing 3D imaging of intact tissues and some entire mammals. In this Review, Ueda and colleagues discuss the various tissue-clearing methods, related techniques and data analysis and management, as well as the application of these methods in neuroscience.

    • Hiroki R. Ueda
    • Ali Ertürk
    • Philipp J. Keller
    Review Article