Volume 10 Issue 3, March 2009

From The Editors

Research Highlights


  • Review Article |

    Tie receptors and their angiopoietin ligands have important functions during embryonic vessel assembly and maturation, and control adult vascular homeostasis. The structural characteristics and the spatio-temporal regulation of these receptors and ligands provide important insights into their functions.

    • Hellmut G. Augustin
    • , Gou Young Koh
    • , Gavin Thurston
    •  & Kari Alitalo
  • Review Article |

    The nuclear envelope is a dynamic structure that is disassembled and reassembled during 'open' mitosis in higher eukaryotes. These mitotic changes are subject to both spatial and temporal control mechanisms that are embedded in the more general regulatory network that directs cell division.

    • Stephan Güttinger
    • , Eva Laurell
    •  & Ulrike Kutay
  • Review Article |

    Epigenetic inheritance concerns the mechanisms that ensure the transmission of epigenetic marks from mother to daughter cell. Chromatin modifications and nuclear organization are candidate epigenetic marks — whether they fulfil the criterion of heritability and what mechanisms ensure their propagation is an area of intensive research.

    • Aline V. Probst
    • , Elaine Dunleavy
    •  & Geneviève Almouzni
  • Review Article |

    The proper establishment of the skin barrier during embryogenesis and its maintenance during adult homeostasis is crucial for survival. Interestingly, the molecular mechanisms that govern embryonic development of the epidermis are reused during adult life to regulate skin homeostasis.

    • Cédric Blanpain
    •  & Elaine Fuchs
  • Review Article |

    ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters are responsible for the ATP-powered translocation of many substrates across membranes. Structural similarities support a common mechanism by which ABC transporters, both importers and exporters, couple the binding and hydrolysis of ATP to substrate translocation.

    • Douglas C. Rees
    • , Eric Johnson
    •  & Oded Lewinson