Volume 42 Issue 1, January 2017

Volume 42 Issue 1

Functional lymphatic vessels that can carry immune cells and macromolecules from cerebrospinal fluid to the deep cervical lymph nodes were recently discovered in the meninges of the mouse brain. Similar evidence of the presence of lymphatic vessels has also been found in postmortem human meninges. The cover art depicts the meningeal lymphatic vessels discovered in mice overlaid onto the human brain as a conceptual convergence of how these vessels may appear in humans. This novel brain lymphatic drainage system may have implications for a number of psychiatric and neurologic disorders involving the immune system. Lymphatic vessels (lymphatic endothelial cells - red, yellow) appear along side the meningeal vasculature (endothelial cells - green), image courtesy of Antoine Louveau and Jonathan Kipnis (University of Virginia). Human brain courtesy of Pasieka stock images (Getty Images). Artwork by Erin Dewalt, Nature.


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