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  • Article |

    N-linked glycosylation is processed in the endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi for eukaryotic proteins. Now, a single Golgi-localized UDP-N-acetyl-d-glucosamine transporter was identified to be essential for the processing of protein N-glycosylation and the synthesis of GlcNAc-containing sphingolipids.

    • Berit Ebert
    • , Carsten Rautengarten
    • , Heather E. McFarlane
    • , Thusitha Rupasinghe
    • , Wei Zeng
    • , Kristina Ford
    • , Henrik V. Scheller
    • , Antony Bacic
    • , Ute Roessner
    • , Staffan Persson
    •  & Joshua L. Heazlewood
  • Perspective |

    Traditional knowledge of medicinal plants is rich and varied, with uses differing between cultures. Cultural evolutionary theory, particularly phylogenetic comparative methods, provide a framework to investigate continuity and change in medicinal plant knowledge.

    • Irene Teixidor-Toneu
    • , Fiona M. Jordan
    •  & Julie A. Hawkins
  • Review Article |

    Light microscopy has been experiencing explosive innovation and development. In this Review, the biological applications of light-sheet fluorescence microscopy (LSFM) are synthesized to provide a reference for perspective users in plant research.

    • Miroslav Ovečka
    • , Daniel von Wangenheim
    • , Pavel Tomančák
    • , Olga Šamajová
    • , George Komis
    •  & Jozef Šamaj
  • Article |

    Vegetable oils are used in cooking, manufacturing and supplying biofuel. Now, researchers have identified two new fatty acids in the seed oil of a Brassicaceae species whose biosynthesis involves an unprecedented fatty acid hydroxylation pathway.

    • Xiangjun Li
    • , Alicen M. Teitgen
    • , Asghar Shirani
    • , Juan Ling
    • , Lucas Busta
    • , Rebecca E. Cahoon
    • , Wei Zhang
    • , Zaiyun Li
    • , Kent D. Chapman
    • , Diana Berman
    • , Chunyu Zhang
    • , Robert E. Minto
    •  & Edgar B. Cahoon
  • Letter |

    Crop fungal diseases pose great threats to global food security. This study isolates and characterizes three BED-domain-containing immune receptor genes from hexaploid wheat that confer resistance to yellow rust with distinct recognition specificities.

    • Clemence Marchal
    • , Jianping Zhang
    • , Peng Zhang
    • , Paul Fenwick
    • , Burkhard Steuernagel
    • , Nikolai M. Adamski
    • , Lesley Boyd
    • , Robert McIntosh
    • , Brande B. H. Wulff
    • , Simon Berry
    • , Evans Lagudah
    •  & Cristobal Uauy

News & Comment

  • News & Views |

    Biennial plants require exposure to the cold of winter to overcome a block to flowering in the spring. The molecular role of FRIGIDA, a key component of the system that establishes the cold requirement in Arabidopsis, is to assemble a protein super-complex that promotes expression of a flowering repressor in the autumn.

    • Richard Amasino
  • Comment |

    Like all living organisms, without exception, plants integrate many external signals to adapt to their environment and increase their fitness. Is this a proof of intelligence? It depends on the meaning of the word; and it really does not matter.

    • Daniel A. Chamovitz
  • Editorial |

    A recent ruling against Monsanto highlights the many ways that glyphosate has not only embedded itself within agriculture, but also tied agribusiness, science and politics together in unprecedented ways.

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