July issue

This month we examine fast ignition for inertial confinement fusion, we report on non-Hermitian topology, and we have a Focus issue on emergent superconductivity.  

Latest Research

  • Article |

    Higher-dimensional entanglement between two photons can be preserved for a photon passing through a complex medium by applying an appropriate scrambling operation on the entangled partner that does not enter the complex medium.

    • Natalia Herrera Valencia
    • , Suraj Goel
    • , Will McCutcheon
    • , Hugo Defienne
    •  & Mehul Malik
  • Article |

    An optomechanical cavity comprising a re-entrant cavity and membrane resonators can be tuned in and out of the Casimir regime. At the transition between the two regimes, the mechanical resonators exhibit a change in stiffness—the Casimir spring.

    • J. M. Pate
    • , M. Goryachev
    • , R. Y. Chiao
    • , J. E. Sharping
    •  & M. E. Tobar
  • Article |

    Scanning tunnelling microscopy is enhanced by microwave radiation that allows photon-assisted tunnelling processes. This technique is demonstrated on impurity states in a superconductor.

    • Olof Peters
    • , Nils Bogdanoff
    • , Sergio Acero González
    • , Larissa Melischek
    • , J. Rika Simon
    • , Gaël Reecht
    • , Clemens B. Winkelmann
    • , Felix von Oppen
    •  & Katharina J. Franke
  • Letter |

    The Mott insulator ground state is a crucial feature of high-temperature superconductors such as the cuprates. Here, the authors find an exactly solvable model that contains both superconductivity and Mottness.

    • Philip W. Phillips
    • , Luke Yeo
    •  & Edwin W. Huang
  • Article |

    A magnetic impurity is placed on the tip of a scanning tunnelling microscope, allowing direct tunnelling between two Yu–Shiba–Rusinov bound states. This technique can probe and enhance the impurity state lifetime.

    • Haonan Huang
    • , Ciprian Padurariu
    • , Jacob Senkpiel
    • , Robert Drost
    • , Alfredo Levy Yeyati
    • , Juan Carlos Cuevas
    • , Björn Kubala
    • , Joachim Ankerhold
    • , Klaus Kern
    •  & Christian R. Ast
  • Letter |

    The flat electronic bands that are associated with ordered phases in twisted bilayer graphene at a magic twist angle have been imaged using angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy.

    • M. Iqbal Bakti Utama
    • , Roland J. Koch
    • , Kyunghoon Lee
    • , Nicolas Leconte
    • , Hongyuan Li
    • , Sihan Zhao
    • , Lili Jiang
    • , Jiayi Zhu
    • , Kenji Watanabe
    • , Takashi Taniguchi
    • , Paul D. Ashby
    • , Alexander Weber-Bargioni
    • , Alex Zettl
    • , Chris Jozwiak
    • , Jeil Jung
    • , Eli Rotenberg
    • , Aaron Bostwick
    •  & Feng Wang

News & Comment

  • News & Views |

    A mooted advantage of high-dimensional states is their robustness to noise, yet their fragility in noisy channels has hindered their deployment. A demonstration shows how to exploit entanglement to restore quantum correlations lost in transmission.

    • Andrew Forbes
    •  & Isaac Nape
  • News & Views |

    An exactly solvable model for superconductivity includes two crucial features of the cuprates and sheds light on unexplained experiments.

    • Jan Zaanen
  • Editorial |

    This month, a Focus issue highlights recent developments in fundamental research on superconductivity.

  • Measure for Measure |

    When you start tearing a piece of aluminium foil apart, you create dislocations in the material. Suhas Eswarappa Prameela and Tim Weihs recount the story of the Burgers vector that is now an indispensable tool for describing dislocations.

    • Suhas Eswarappa Prameela
    •  & Timothy P. Weihs
  • News & Views |

    Squeezed light is useful for metrology and quantum information. An optomechanical squeezed light source that works at room temperature will facilitate the technological applications of quantum light.

    • André Xuereb


European Strategy for Particle Physics


European Strategy for Particle Physics

The European Strategy for Particle Physics is the decision-making process underpinning the long-term future of particle physics in Europe. This Focus issue outlines the main proposals under consideration for the 2020 update to the strategy.


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