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  • City-level analysis of data from the SALURBAL project shows vast heterogeneity in life expectancy across cities within the same country, in addition to substantive differences in causes of death among nine Latin American countries, revealing modifiable factors that could be leveraged by municipal-level policies aimed toward improving health in urban environments.

    • Usama Bilal
    • Philipp Hessel
    • Andrea Bolinaga
    Article Open Access
  • Analysis of global smoking prevalence trends from 2009 to 2017 demonstrates that, when implemented, national-level tobacco control policies are highly effective; however, considerable gaps remain in the universal adoption of anti-tobacco interventions.

    • Luisa S. Flor
    • Marissa B. Reitsma
    • Emmanuela Gakidou
    Letter Open Access
  • In an inpatient, randomized controlled crossover trial, participants consumed 550–700 kcal day−1 fewer calories when following a plant-based, low-fat diet with a high glycemic load compared with an animal-based, low-carbohydrate diet with a low glycemic load; weight loss was comparable between the two diets and there were no significant differences in hunger or enjoyment of the meals.

    • Kevin D. Hall
    • Juen Guo
    • Stephanie T. Chung
  • A comprehensive strategy for the next steps to ensure vaccination of the global population against SARS-CoV-2 is now required, and key steps and challenges are detailed in this Perspective.

    • Jerome H. Kim
    • Florian Marks
    • John D. Clemens
Cancer Milestones

Cancer Milestones

The ancient physician Hippocrates described the projection of blood vessels from a collection of cells as ‘karkinos’, the Greek word for crab.

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