Volume 11 Issue 11, November 2018

Volume 11 Issue 11

Speleothem record of interglacial sea level

A sea-level record from Mallorca shows no evidence of large, millennial-scale oscillations during the last interglacial. The image shows speleothems that have grown on submerged stalactites, as well as submerged stalagmites.

See Polyak et al.

Image: Miquel À. Perelló. Cover Design: David Shand.


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    Fifty years of international ocean drilling have brought enormous insights into the workings of our planet. Incorporating young investigators’ ideas, cooperating internationally and sharing data and samples have been key to this success.

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    The Laurentide Ice Sheet sapped the strength of the North American monsoon during the last ice age, but the ice sheet’s grip on the monsoon weakened as it retreated northwards.

    • Sarah E. Metcalfe
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    While anthropogenic influence on global climate is clear, human impact on the Southern Ocean has been difficult to pin down. A new detection and attribution study achieves just that.

    • Nathaniel L. Bindoff

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