Alasdair H. Fikouras et al.

Non-obstructive intracellular nanolasers

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    Dendritic cells (DC) are important regulators of both innate and adaptive immunity, but how the DC pool is homeostatically maintained in vivo is unclear. Here the authors show that combined deficiency of FLT3 and CSF1R impedes the differentiation of spleen macrophages of embryonic origin that are required for DC homeostasis.

    • Gulce Itir Percin
    • , Jiri Eitler
    • , Andrea Kranz
    • , Jun Fu
    • , Jeffrey W. Pollard
    • , Ronald Naumann
    •  & Claudia Waskow
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    Acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) affects people of all ages. Here, the authors model AML in vivo and demonstrate that the age of the cell of origin impacts leukaemia development and the genetic signature where adult cells of origin give rise exclusively to AML and young cells of origin give rise to myeloid, lymphoid or mixed phenotype acute leukaemia.

    • Shahzya Chaudhury
    • , Caitríona O’Connor
    • , Ana Cañete
    • , Joana Bittencourt-Silvestre
    • , Evgenia Sarrou
    • , Áine Prendergast
    • , Jarny Choi
    • , Pamela Johnston
    • , Christine A. Wells
    • , Brenda Gibson
    •  & Karen Keeshan
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    Nutritional experience can have phenotypic consequences in subsequent generations, as is evident from studies in animals and plants. Here, Vågerö et al. find in a large three-generation cohort that access to food in the paternal grandfather associates with all-cause and cancer mortality in male grandchildren.

    • Denny Vågerö
    • , Pia R. Pinger
    • , Vanda Aronsson
    •  & Gerard J. van den Berg

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Jaeok Park et al./doi:10.1038/ncomms14132


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