Social networks predict the life and death of honey bees

Honey bee workers take on different tasks as they age. The authors study the individuals' social networks and show that interaction patterns predict task allocation and developmental trajectories.


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Latest Research articles

  • Utilizing soft pumps in soft robotics is an attractive approach to endow untethered soft robots with muscle-like actuation. Here, the authors report bio-inspired soft electronic pumps as driving power sources to drive actuation and self-healing in untethered soft robotics.

    • Wei Tang
    • Chao Zhang
    • Jun Zou
    Article Open Access
  • Integrated sources of nonclassical light are a key component for scalable quantum technologies. Here, the authors work with two coupled microring resonators and show how to detune the resonances involved in unwanted parametric fluorescence, without significantly affecting the pump power efficiency.

    • Y. Zhang
    • M. Menotti
    • Z. Vernon
    Article Open Access
  • Investigating biomembrane curvature formation is important for studying intracellular processes, but the instability of liposome models mimicking these membranes restricts exploration of membrane processes. Here, the authors demonstrate control over the curvature formation in polymersome membranes by insertion of PNIPAm as stimuli responsive polymer.

    • Jiawei Sun
    • Sjoerd J. Rijpkema
    • Daniela A. Wilson
    Article Open Access

Subjects within Physical sciences

  • Climate models struggle to track the response of Arctic sea ice to warming, leading to efforts to improve sea-ice models. Here the author shows standard model metrics are poor judges of the impact of model improvements, but a new one, marginal ice zone fraction, is optimally suited to this task.

    • Christopher Horvat
    Article Open Access
  • Tectonomagmatic conditions in the Precambrian were hypothesized to be unfavorable for porphyry Cu deposit formation. Here, the authors show that metallogenic processes typify Phanerozoic porphyry Cu deposits operated by ~1.88 Ga, reflecting modification of mantle lithosphere by oxidized slab-derived fluids at that time.

    • Xuyang Meng
    • Jackie M. Kleinsasser
    • Richard A. Stern
    Article Open Access
  • The conditions that shaped Earth’s evolution during the Archaean and Proterozoic Eons remain unknown. Using Lake Towuti in Indonesia as an analog of early oceans the authors find that microbial methanogenesis exerts a strong influence with important implications for the composition of Earth’s early atmosphere.

    • André Friese
    • Kohen Bauer
    • Jens Kallmeyer
    Article Open Access
  • Superfund sites have hazardous wastes that could affect the health of those who live near them, but this has not been assessed across the USA. Here the authors find that proximity to superfund sites decreases life expectancy and is further exacerbated by sociodemographic and climate change factors.

    • Amin Kiaghadi
    • Hanadi S. Rifai
    • Clint N. Dawson
    Article Open Access
  • Extracting functional information from 16S rRNA data surveys would provide a valuable tool for large-scale functional ecology. Here, the authors use PICRUSt2 to infer metabolic functions from bacterial marker gene data across the South Pacific Ocean, and compare them with rate data, biomass estimators and predictions based on shotgun metagenomes.

    • Eric J. Raes
    • Kristen Karsh
    • Anya M. Waite
    Article Open Access

Subjects within Earth and environmental sciences

  • Cancers in different populations have been shown to be genetically distinct. Here, the authors sequence breast cancers from Mexican-Hispanic patients and find that these patients have a higher percentage of Akt1 mutations compared to Caucasian and Asian populations, suggesting these are clinically actionable.

    • Sandra L. Romero-Cordoba
    • Ivan Salido-Guadarrama
    • Alfredo Hidalgo-Miranda
    Article Open Access
  • The molecular architecture of α-Synuclein (α-Syn) inclusions, pathognomonic of various neurodegenerative disorders, remains unclear. Here, authors use cryo-electron tomography to image neuronal α-Syn inclusions in situ and find that inclusions consist of α-Syn fibrils intermixed with cellular organelles without interacting directly.

    • Victoria A. Trinkaus
    • Irene Riera-Tur
    • Rubén Fernández-Busnadiego
    Article Open Access

Subjects within Biological sciences

  • Acquisition of dying tumor cell-associated antigens is an essential step for the initiation of anti-tumor immune response by conventional type 1 dendritic cells (cDC1). Here the authors show that the loss of TIM4 expression in lung tumor associated cDC1 is associated with less efficient uptake of cell associated antigens and reduction of CD8 + T cell activation in advanced lung tumors.

    • Nicoletta Caronni
    • Giulia Maria Piperno
    • Federica Benvenuti
    Article Open Access
  • Clostridioides difficile infection (CDI) is the most common cause of antibiotic-associated diarrhoea (AAD); however, markers predictive of CDI or AAD development are as yet lacking. Here, to identify markers predictive of CDI, the authors profile the intestinal microbiota of 945 hospitalised patients from 34 hospitals in 6 different European countries and show distinct microbiota enriched in Enterococcus and depleted of Ruminococcus, Blautia, Prevotella and Bifidobacterium compared to non-CDI patients.

    • Matilda Berkell
    • Mohamed Mysara
    • Odile Launay
    Article Open Access
  • Peritoneal adhesions are a major cause of complications after abdominal surgery. Here the authors use a post-operative abdominal adhesion model in mice to show that resident F4/80HighCD206 macrophages form a protective barrier that can be enhanced by IL-4 administration or adoptive transfer of these cells.

    • Tomoya Ito
    • Yusuke Shintani
    • Ken Suzuki
    Article Open Access

Subjects within Health sciences

  • Adverse climatic conditions are commonly reported to shape asylum migration, but their effect relative to other drivers is unknown. Here the authors compare climatic, economic, and political factors as predictors of future asylum flows to the EU and find that war and repression are the most important factors.

    • Sebastian Schutte
    • Jonas Vestby
    • Halvard Buhaug
    Article Open Access
  • The value assessment of job skills is critical for companies to select and retain the right talent and for individuals to develop them. Here the authors show that a data-driven method based on an enhanced neural network can assign meaningful value to job skills in a quantitative way and outperforms benchmark models for job salary prediction.

    • Ying Sun
    • Fuzhen Zhuang
    • Hui Xiong
    Article Open Access
  • Recent technological, social, and educational changes are profoundly impacting our work, but what makes labour markets resilient to those labour shocks? Here, the authors show that labour markets resemble ecological systems whose resilience depends critically on the network of skill similarities between different jobs.

    • Esteban Moro
    • Morgan R. Frank
    • Iyad Rahwan
    Article Open Access

Subjects within Scientific community and society

  • Precise knowledge of chemical composition and atomic structure of functional nanosized systems, such as metal clusters stabilized by an organic molecular layer, allows for detailed computational work to investigate structure-property relations. Here, we discuss selected recent examples of computational work that has advanced understanding of how these clusters work in catalysis, how they interact with biological systems, and how they can make self-assembled, macroscopic materials. A growing challenge is to develop effective new simulation methods that take into account the cluster-environment interactions. These new hybrid methods are likely to contain components from electronic structure theory combined with machine learning algorithms for accelerated evaluations of atom-atom interactions.

    • Sami Malola
    • Hannu Häkkinen
    Comment Open Access
  • Equitable partnerships among the international volcano science community are important now more than ever, to cope with financial disparities and ultimately allow for worldwide volcano monitoring oriented to hazard mitigation.

    Editorial Open Access
  • The various restrictions applied across the globe to contain the COVID-19 pandemic have been impacting the way we knew how to work. Dr. Matthews (a scientific program manager at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke—NINDS), Dr. David del Álamo Rodriguez (head of the European Molecular Biology Organization—EMBO—fellowship program), and Dr. Gray (Associate Dean for the Sciences at the Advanced Science Research Center of the City University of New York) shared with Nature Communications their thoughts on how funders and university leadership can support early career researchers and young faculty through the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Q&A Open Access
  • The various restrictions applied across the globe to contain the COVID-19 pandemic have been impacting the way we knew how to work. Ms. Wilson (a PhD student in Earth System Science at Stanford University), Dr. Xin (a glia biologist and postdoctoral fellow at University of California San Francisco), and Dr. Saidaminov (a researcher in advanced functional materials and Assistant Professor at the University of Victoria) shared with Nature Communications their thoughts on how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting their professional development and career progression and their coping strategies.

    Q&A Open Access
  • Replication inside macrophages is crucial for systemic dissemination of Salmonella in hosts. In a Nature Communications article, Jiang et al. show that Salmonella stimulates glycolysis and represses serine synthesis in macrophages, leading to accumulation of host glycolytic intermediates that the bacteria use as carbon source and as cues for its replication.

    • Deyanira Pérez-Morales
    • Víctor H. Bustamante
    Comment Open Access
  • Liver cancer typically arises after years of inflammatory insults to hepatocytes. These cells can change their ploidy state during health and disease. Whilst polyploidy may offer some protection, new research shows it may also promote the formation of liver tumours.

    • Miryam Müller
    • Stephanie May
    • Thomas G. Bird
    Comment Open Access
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