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Volume 37 Issue 4, April 2019

Volume 37 Issue 4

Focus on wearable sensors

Wearable sensors are evolving to provide accurate, continuous and wireless monitoring of our health and disease states. Using designs and materials that interface seamlessly with skin, accessing a range of bodily fluids with minimally invasive systems, and measuring analytes that inform on human physiology, wearable devices are poised to provide data resources for research and clinical applications.

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Image: J. Rogers, Northwestern University. Cover Design: Erin Dewalt.

In This Issue




    Building a Business

  • Building a Business |

    A deep dive into the influence of research output, patenting, venture capital and human capital on startup financing activity in Europe reveals not all countries are equal.

    • Bonnie van Wilgenburg
    • Kim van Wilgenburg
    • Rogier W. Rooswinkel



News & Views

  • News & Views |

    Human brain organoids are endowed with regional topography using engineered signaling centers.

    • Yuki Miura
    • Sergiu P. Pașca
  • News & Views |

    Large brain tissue sections are imaged with nanoscale resolution using expansion and lattice light sheet microscopy.

    • Weijian Yang
    • Rafael Yuste


Amendments & Corrections

Careers & Recruitment

    Career Feature

  • Career Feature |

    A report by the Coalition of State Bioscience Institutes details the US life science industry’s workforce needs and what it must do to maintain its competitive advantage in the worldwide market.

    • Lori Lindburg
    • Liisa Bozinovic
    • Ron Susek
  • People

  • People |

    A sample of goings-on in and around the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.


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