Volume 23 Issue 9, September 2005

Volume 23 Issue 9

This issue focuses on antibody engineering and manufacturing. The stylized image of antibodies is by Jacque Deshaies and is entitled "Deshaies 99—Antibody #1 to #4" (original 4: 28 x 36 cm, acrylic on paper) http://www.JacquesDeshaies.com



  • News |

    While the FDA waits for someone to come up with a plan to improve the accelerated approval program, some argue that as it is, drugs are not getting to the people who need them.

    • Jeffrey L Fox
  • News |

    As new drug approval rates drop in Europe compared to the US, the EU Commission plans to spur innovation by doubling financial support for the biotech industry.

    • Peter Mitchell
  • News |

    Mexico's genomic researchers believe a mestizo “hapmap” might reveal a genetic basis for some of the nation's health problems, although they are mindful of the potential for the misuse of personal genetic information.

    • Veronica Guerrero Mothelet
    •  & Stephan Herrera
  • In Brief

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    Seizing upon a favorable business climate in Europe, US businesswoman Lisa Drakeman has blended goal-oriented American culture with a European focus on team effort to move her firm's antibodies closer to the market.

    • Laura DeFrancesco
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  • News Feature

  • News Feature |

    Industry hopes to build on recent successes of monoclonal antibodies in oncology and inflammatory disease. But evidence is mounting that the exquisite selectivity and binding capacity of these therapeutics can have unwanted side effects, particularly in autoimmune disease. Christopher Thomas Scott investigates.

    • Christopher Thomas Scott

Opinion and Comment


  • Feature |

    The current generation of antibodies has done more than make a few companies rich. It has laid the groundwork for ambitious companies to move to maturity.

    • Monya Baker
  • Feature |

    Most monoclonal antibodies in clinical trials are owned by small biotech companies. But with blockbuster-sized revenues and approval rates higher than those for small-molecule drugs, that all may be set to change.

    • Janice M Reichert
    • , Clark J Rosensweig
    • , Laura B Faden
    •  & Matthew C Dewitz
  • Patents

  • Patents |

    Recent US case law attempts to further clarify the written description, novelty and nonobviousness requirements as they apply to antibodies

    • Deborah L Lu
    • , Angela M Collison
    •  & Thomas J Kowalski

News and Views

Computational Biology


  • Commentary |

    The failure of many bio-ontologies to follow international standards for ontology design and description is hampering their application and threatens to restrict their future use.

    • Larisa N Soldatova
    •  & Ross D King

Computational Biology




    Careers and Recruitment

  • Careers and Recruitment |

    India's thriving biotechnology industry is threatened by a change in the law. Will the current high levels of investment be enough to secure its future?

    • K S Jayaraman
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  • Focus |

    Antibody Engineering and Manufacture

    A focus examining recent progress in antibody research and the commercial and regulatory developments that are shaping it.