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  • The transcription enzyme RNA polymerase stalls at DNA lesions, hindering their repair. Accessory factors dislodge the enzyme by pushing it forwards, but a study finds that pulling it backwards may also be effective. See Article p.372

    • Irina Artsimovitch
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  • Two crystal structures reveal that the Vif and Vpx proteins of human and simian immunodeficiency viruses mediate evasion of host defences by reprogramming the cellular protein-degradation machinery. See Letters p.229 & p.234

    • Michael H. Malim
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  • In flow batteries, energy is produced by passing solutions of 'electroactive' materials — often, metal salts — through an electrochemical cell. A non-metallic electroactive material opens the way to large-scale energy storage. See Letter p.195

    • Grigorii L. Soloveichik
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  • An analysis of data from forests across the planet reveals that the types of beneficial fungus with which tree roots associate determine the amount of carbon stored in soils. See Letter p.543

    • Mark A. Bradford
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  • Patients differ in their requirement for, and response to, various drug doses. A general platform that allows continuous monitoring of drug levels in the blood of rats may open the door to patient-specific dosing.

    • Richard M. Crooks
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  • The flat and featureless transmission spectra of two intermediate-sized extrasolar planets, observed during the planets' passage across their host stars, shed light on the properties of their atmospheres. See Letters p.66 & p.69

    • Julianne Moses
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  • An evaluation of atmospheric convective mixing and low-level clouds in climate models suggests that Earth's climate will warm more than was thought in response to increasing levels of carbon dioxide. See Article p.37

    • Hideo Shiogama
    • Tomoo Ogura
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