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  • Estimates for when critical environmental streamflow limits will be reached—with potentially devastating economic and environmental effects—are obtained using a global model that links groundwater pumping with the groundwater flow to rivers.

    • Inge E. M. de Graaf
    • Tom Gleeson
    • Marc F. P. Bierkens
  • Tadpoles of strawberry poison frogs (Oophaga pumilio) are shown to imprint on adult coloration, affecting both male aggression biases and female preferences and setting the stage for speciation by sexual selection.

    • Yusan Yang
    • Maria R. Servedio
    • Corinne L. Richards-Zawacki
  • PdMo bimetallene, a highly curved and sub-nanometre-thick nanosheet of a palladium–molybdenum alloy, is an efficient and stable electrocatalyst for the oxygen reduction and evolution reactions under alkaline conditions.

    • Mingchuan Luo
    • Zhonglong Zhao
    • Shaojun Guo
  • X-ray diffraction measurements of solid hydrogen provide crystallographic information for high-pressure phases of hydrogen and transitions between them, suggesting a series of isostructural transitions under compression before band closure and metallization.

    • Cheng Ji
    • Bing Li
    • Ho-Kwang Mao
  • A crystal structure of Thermoplasmatales archaeon heliorhodopsin at 2.4 Å resolution shows that it adopts a similar fold to that of type I rhodopsin—despite the low sequence identity—but there are also several marked differences that provide insights into heliorhodopsin function.

    • Wataru Shihoya
    • Keiichi Inoue
    • Osamu Nureki
  • FHL1 is a key factor expressed by humans and mice that is required for chikungunya virus infection and is therefore a promising target for the development of therapies against chikungunya virus.

    • Laurent Meertens
    • Mohamed Lamine Hafirassou
    • Ali Amara
  • Transmission of single-spin and entangled quantum states without the physical displacement of electrons is demonstrated in a quadruple quantum dot array using the Heisenberg exchange interaction and coherent SWAP gates.

    • Yadav P. Kandel
    • Haifeng Qiao
    • John M. Nichol
  • Nutrient content analyses of marine finfish and current fisheries landings show that fish have the potential to substantially contribute to global food and nutrition security by alleviating micronutrient deficiencies in regions where they are prevalent.

    • Christina C. Hicks
    • Philippa J. Cohen
    • M. Aaron MacNeil