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Best of Eye from the USA

We are delighted in this web focus to highlight some of the many outstanding papers published in Eye by authors based in the United States. Although, the journal, Eye is the scientific journal of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth) based in the United Kingdom, its remit is to advance the science and practice of ophthalmology by publishing the best papers submitted by clinical ophthalmologists and scientists wherever they practise in the world. To that end it has a dynamic international editorial board with many editorial board members recruited from the United States and across the globe.
A large proportion of web traffic to Eye's website comes from readers in the United States but a much smaller proportionate of papers are submitted by US based authors. This suggests that US based clinicians value the content of Eye but perhaps are not fully aware that US authors can submit papers to the journal as well. It may be that some US based authors are under the misconception that they have to be a member of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists to submit a paper to Eye and we want to dispel that myth. Eye of course not only welcomes but actively encourages submissions of original work from US based authors. While all submissions are subject to the same rigorous peer review it is worth noting that US submitted papers have a high success rate of being accepted for publication in the journal. With an increasing impact factor and journal ranking and fast review process we encourage US based authors to consider their work for Eye. They will then join the contributions of other US authors some of whom are featured in this web focus. The fascinating subjects discussed range from the role of OCT angiography in medical retinal practice to the use of smartphones and ipads in visual acuity and amblyopia management. We hope you enjoy this web focus and that it will encourage all authors but especially those from the US to further consider submitting their research to Eye.