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Regenerative medicine

Our bodies aren’t forever: parts wear out, trauma breaks things and organs stop functioning. Sometimes, a drug can remedy a chemical imbalance or surgery can repair a structural failure, but there are times when there is no substitute for replacing a part with human tissue or even an entire organ. Rapid advances in the field of regenerative medicine are bringing that possibility closer to reality.

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  • Nature | Outlook

    For centuries, scientists have been captivated by the phenomenal feats of regeneration found in nature. Despite decades of research, attempts to replace or repair parts of the human body have met with only modest success. Fresh understanding of organ formation coupled with new technologies may help to unlock long-sought cures.

    • Cassandra Willyard
  • Nature | Outlook

    Stem-cell therapy promises to restore motor function after a stroke or spinal-cord injury, but neurologists are proceeding with caution.

    • Katherine Bourzac