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Peking University: Leading academic innovation in China for 120 years

Advertisement Feature

Since its founding in 1898, Peking University has been a leader in academic freedom and scientific research in China. As China’s first national university with multidisciplinary academic programmes, it has always been at the forefront of China’s modernization by fostering creativity in young minds, generating new ideas that advance the progress of human civilization, and developing cutting-edge science and technologies.

Take a look at how Peking University has set out to become a world-class university with continued research innovations in basic and applied sciences, ranging from mathematics, chemistry, and physics, to materials science, ecology and medicine.    

PKU Nanotechnology
Pioneering carbon-based nanoelectronics

PKU Medicine
Plotting an integrated approach towards healthy development

PKU Mathematics
Mathematical mysteries unravelled

PKU Equipment
PKU accelerates a vision of tomorrow

PKU Pharmaceutical sciences
Disease fighters: drugs from the desert and beyond

PKU Psychology
A culture of discovery in behaviour and mental health

PKU Materials science
Materials mastery: extracting the best from rare earth elements and beyond

PKU Ecology & environmental sciences
An atmosphere of discovery: new sustainable development paths are a breath of fresh air

PKU Physics
Quantum worlds and whispering light

PKU Chemistry
Hydrogen energy and cutting-edge chemistry

Interview with PKU President
Building a great university

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