Nature Milestones in Light Microscopy

  • Editorial

    The Milestones aim to highlight the most influential developments in light microscopy in a series of short articles, each describing a major achievement. Nature Milestones in Light Microscopy also comprises a Collection of selected Reviews, two specially-commissioned Commentaries and an online-only NPG library organized according to subject area.

  • Milestones timeline

    Ordered chronologically, the Milestones trace the discoveries in the field of light microscopy from 1595 to 2006. Each Milestone is dated in the timeline according to the year of publication of the oldest primary reference associated with the Milestone.

  • Commentaries

    One of the specially-commissioned Commentaries focuses on technologies outside microscopy that transformed the field, while the other discusses ongoing and future developments in light microscopy.

  • Collection articles

    The Collection features two selected Reviews previously published in Nature Methods and Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology.

  • NPG library

    The online-only Library contains research and review-type articles relevant to light microscopy, published by Nature Publishing Group and organized according to subject area.

  • Advisors

    The papers that were highlighted in the Milestones were chosen with the help of a panel of expert advisors.

  • Sponsors

    Nature Milestones in Light Microscopy was produced with support from EXFO, Invitrogen™ | Molecular Probes® and Carl Zeiss.

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