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Sustainability, climate change and biomedical science are key areas for future research prowess in Asia Pacific. While the pandemic has disrupted collaborations in far-flung nations, it's highlighted opportunities for joint initiatives in South and southeast Asia.


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Korea University researchers are fostering worldwide partnerships to create effective sustainable development solutions.

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Governments and organisations globally face the long-term challenge of better stewardship of the planet by addressing an international call to protect the planet in a socially and economically sustainable manner.

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Leading discoveries at the Research Institute for Biomedical Sciences at Tokyo University of Science are revealing more about The functioning of our immune systems

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From households to industrial parks, versatile units could ‘filter’ carbon dioxide from the air under an ambitious moonshot project led by Kyushu University.

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Taking an interdisciplinary approach has helped one Tokyo medical research facility to develop new diagnostics, therapeutics and care practices for a diverse range of diseases that affect urban areas.

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