3rd International Acid-Base Symposium, Nutrition – Health - Disease

Volume 74 | Supplement 1

Guest Editors and Organizers: Juergen Vormann, Tanja Werner, Martin Kolisek

The importance of acid-base balance and effects of dietary induced acidosis were acknowledged and investigated intensively during the symposium. Mild metabolic acidosis was identified as a significant risk factor for diverse diseases like osteoporosis, diabetes, kidney failure and others.

Sponsorship: The conference was financially supported by Protina Pharm GmbH and Sirius GmbH, Germany. The 3rd International Acid-Base-Symposium, Smolenice Castle, Slovakia, 2018, was organized by NuOmix-Research k.s. NuOmix-Research is a clinical research organization that conducts clinical trials on the effects of nutrients in health and disease. Studies are primarily done in cooperation with scientists from the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine at Martin, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia. The conference venue of the Acid-Base-Symposium belongs to the Slovak Academy of Sciences. The conference was financially supported by Protina Pharmazeutische GmbH, Germany and Sirius Pharma, Germany. Neither company had any role in writing of the manuscripts. Manuscript content is in the sole responsibility of the authors. Medical writers were not involved in preparing the manuscripts.