Volume 4 Issue 10, November 2017

Volume 4 Issue 10

Our tenth free hour of verifiable CPD this year can be acquired by reading dental hygienist Linda Douglas' cover story Trauma-informed, sensitive practice. Linda explains how patients may fall into the 'more challenging' category as a result of mental health issues, like dental phobia, and this phobia might be a consequence of negative experiences in the past. How can dental professionals facilitate feelings of safety in the dental setting for patients with phobia?

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    This From the archive article by M. T. Mindak was originally published in the BDJ on 23 November 1996 (181: 363-368). Were dental nurses well motivated and satisfied with their roles 21 years ago? Did dentists’ and dental nurses’ perceptions of the dental nurse's role differ? Was there good communication within dental teams? Read on and see how 1995/6 compares to your experience in 2017.

    • M. T. Mindak