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Publisher Correction: Questions swirl around failures of disease-modifying Huntington’s drugs

The Original Article was published on 10 June 2021

Correction to: Nature Biotechnology, published online 10 June 2021.

In the version of this article initially published, WVE-120102 and WVE-120101 were described in the main text and WVE-003 in Table 1 as 2′-deoxy and 2′-O-methoxyethyl phosphorothioate triester ASOs. WVE-120102 and WVE-120101 are allele-selective stereodefined 2′-deoxy and 2′-O-methyl phosphorothioate and phosphorodiester chimeric ASOs. WVE-003 is an alelle-selective, stereopure ASO (structure not publicly available) that promotes RNase-H-mediated degradation of a mutant mRNA HTT species containing an undisclosed SNP. Also, WVE-120102 and WVE-120101 were described as targeting SNP1 (rs362307) and SNP2 (rs362331), respectively; the two SNPs here were transposed. Finally, they were described as being given in phase 1 testing; the trial was phase 1/2. The errors have been corrected in the PDF and HTML versions of the article.

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Sheridan, C. Publisher Correction: Questions swirl around failures of disease-modifying Huntington’s drugs. Nat Biotechnol 39, 1017 (2021).

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