A Notch in the joint that exacerbates osteoarthritis

Tight regulation of signalling cascades is vital for the correct development and function of bones and joints. A new study suggests that Notch signalling might join the likes of the transforming growth factor superfamily and Wnt signalling cascades as having an important function in joint homeostasis and disease.

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The work of the authors is supported by Excellence of Science Grant “Join-t-against-OA”, grants from the Flanders Research Foundation (FWO Vlaanderen), a C1 grant from KU Leuven and an unrestricted grant from Celgene to S.M.

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Correspondence to Rik J. Lories.

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R.J.L. declares that Leuven Research and Development, the technology transfer office of KU Leuven, has received consultancy and speakers fees from Galapagos and Samumed on his behalf. S.M. declares no competing interests.

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