Does early metastatic seeding occur in colorectal cancer?

During the metastatic process, cancer cells spread from the primary tumour to distant organs. Although metastases are the primary cause of cancer mortality, the dynamics of the metastatic process remain largely unknown. A new study suggests that during colorectal cancer progression, metastatic seeding might occur before clinical detectability.

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Fig. 1: Early metastatic seeding in a subset of CRCs.


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The authors thank Federica Di Nicolantonio for critically reading the manuscript. Research by A.B. is supported by the Fondazione AIRC per la Ricerca sul Cancro under 5 per Mille 2018 (project 21091), AIRC investigator grant 2018 (project 21923) and Fondazione Piemontese per la Ricerca sul Cancro ONLUS 5 per mille 2014.

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