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Author Correction: CRISPR–Cas9-mediated base-editing screening in mice identifies DND1 amino acids that are critical for primordial germ cell development

Correction to: Nature Cell Biology, published online 1 October 2018.

In Fig. 2a of this Technical Report originally published, the authors inadvertently used the same set of images for the 4B2N1 and 4B2N3 cells when preparing the figure. The three images (bright field, Oct4-EGFP and pCAG-mRFP) of 4B2N3 cells have now been replaced with the correct versions. The source data for the four cell lines in Fig. 2a, captured in the three independent experiments, have been deposited to Figshare (, and the figure legends and Methods section have been amended to reflect this. Additionally, the unprocessed blots in Supplementary Fig. 7 corresponding to the top right ‘WCL IB: Flag’ panel of Fig. 7e were mistakenly duplicates of the unprocessed blots for the bottom left ‘IP Flag IB: HA’ panel of Fig. 7e, and all unprocessed blots for Supplementary Fig. 6 were mislabelled as blots corresponding to Supplementary Fig. 7. Supplementary Fig. 7 has now been updated to show the correct unprocessed blots for the bottom left ‘IP Flag IB: HA’ panel of Fig. 7e and to correct the labelling of the unprocessed blots corresponding to Supplementary Fig. 6.

Fig. 2

Orginal and Corrected.

Supplementary Fig. 7

Orginal and Corrected.

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