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00:47 G20 nations fail to cut emissions in COVID stimulus packages

The G20 economies spent $14 trillion dollars on recovery packages to escape the global recession driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many governments made pledges to deliver emissions reductions as part of these packages. This week, a team of researchers have analysed the spending to see if these promises were kept.

Comment: G20’s US$14-trillion economic stimulus reneges on emissions pledges

09:34 Research Highlights

An artificial nerve cell triggers a Venus flytrap’s snap, and a fossil shows that pterosaurs in the Jurassic period were larger than previously thought.

Research Highlight: Venus flytrap snaps shut at synthetic neuron’s command

Research Highlight: The surprisingly huge reptile that prowled the Jurassic skies

12:10 How knowing a little about someone changes how anonymous you feel

This week, a team of researchers have used lab-based studies to show how learning a little about a stranger makes a person feel that the stranger knows something about them. The team took this work out of the lab and into New York City, where they showed that providing residents with knowledge about community police officers temporarily reduced crime.

Research article: Shah & LaForest

News and Views: Letters and cards telling people about local police reduce crime

23:18 The experiences of Ukrainian researchers following the Russian invasion

Following Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine on 24 February, we hear about the experiences of Ukranian researchers as the conflict continues, and the outpouring of condemnation from the wider academic world.

News: Global research community condemns Russian invasion of Ukraine

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