This week, a mindset to improve school performance, and the complex story of how mercury accumulates in fish.

In this episode:

00:46 Growth Mindset

How a one hour course could improve academic achievement. Research article: Yeager et al.

11:47 Research Highlights

An extinct giant parrot, and hacking Manhattan’s traffic. Research Highlight: Polly wants many crackers: fossils reveal first known giant parrot; Research Article: Vivek et al.

13:42 Toxic Tuna

Methylmercury levels in fish may increase due to climate change and overfishing, despite declines in emissions. Research Article: Schartup et al.

19:15 News Chat

India’s proposed protections for fossils, and trust of scientists in the United States. News: India’s geologists champion law to protect fossil treasures; News: US trust in scientists is now on par with the military

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