Podcast: Designer cells, and a Breakthrough researcher

Benjamin Thompson and Shamini Bundell bring you this week's science news.

This week, building a cell from the bottom up, and a Breakthough Prize winner.

In this episode:

00:41 Building a synthetic cell

How difficult is it to craft a cell from its component parts? Special issue: Bottom-up biology

09:13 Research Highlights

Peering into interstellar clouds, and tiny eye-corkscrews. Research Highlight: Dark space cloud caught donning halo of hydrogen molecules; Research Highlight: Swarm of microscopic corkscrews speeds through the eyeball

11:10 A Breakthrough researcher

We speak to Breakthrough Prize winner Angelika Amon. Breakthrough Prize homepage

17:19 News Chat

An open-access announcement from the Wellcome Trust, and a CFC mystery. News: Wellcome and Gates join bold European open-access plan; News: Rogue chemicals threaten positive prognosis for ozone hole

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