Illustration of a Brachiosaurus

The massive dinosaur called Brachiosaurus had feet that resemble a newly described dinosaur foot measuring more than 1 metre wide. Credit: Davide Bonadonna, Milan, Italy


A dinosaur that stomped the Jurassic scene on size XXXXL feet

Large reptile had bigger clodhoppers than any other dinosaur of its kind.

Enormous toe bones excavated in Wyoming belonged to a dinosaur whose feet were more than 1 metre wide — probably a record for dinosaur foot size.

The owner of the gargantuan feet was a sauropod, a group that includes the biggest known dinosaurs. No other known sauropod foot is bigger than the Wyoming animal’s, say Anthony Maltese at the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center in Woodland Park, Colorado, Emanuel Tschopp at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City and their colleagues. The fossils bear similarities to those of sauropods called brachiosaurs, which could measure 25 metres long.

The dinosaur, which lived roughly 150 million to 160 million years ago, walked on four legs, but the authors whimsically nicknamed it “the real Bigfoot”.

The find adds to evidence that extremely large sauropods roamed what is now the Rocky Mountain region of North America.