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Multiple labelling technique used for kinetic studies of activated human B lymphocytes


IDENTIFICATION of distinct cell surface receptors which could be viewed in the scanning electron microscope would allow unambiguous identification of subpopulations of cells and quantitation of receptors on individual cells as well as permitting kinetic studies of the membrane changes following the binding of a ligand with its receptor. Labelling techniques using one or two markers have been developed for transmission electron microscopy (TEM)1,2. But scanning electron microscopy (SEM) offers several advantages over TEM for analysing membrane receptors in that it does not require serial sectioning of material3 and therefore allows rapid viewing of the surfaces of large numbers of intact cells with a minimum of preparation. Here I describe new labelling techniques for SEM using three distinct markers conjugated to antibodies specific for the immunoglobulins IgA, IgG and IgM.

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