Tumour Production in Glandular Stomach of Rat by N-Methyl-N′-Nitro-N-Nitrosoguanidine


WE reported1 that the subcutaneous injection of a potent mutagen2, N-methyl-N′-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine (NG), into rats induced many transplantable sarcomas at the injected loci. Schoental3 reported the occurrence of squamous cell carcinoma in the fore-stomach of rats to which NG was administered by stomach tube. Druckrey et al.4 also described the production of sarcoma in rats by the subcutaneous injection of NG. The careinogenicity of this mutagen seemed to be well documented.

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SUGIMURA, T., FUJIMURA, S. Tumour Production in Glandular Stomach of Rat by N-Methyl-N′-Nitro-N-Nitrosoguanidine. Nature 216, 943–944 (1967). https://doi.org/10.1038/216943a0

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