Peripheral Blood Stem Cells

Peripheral stem cell mobilization and engraftment in patients over age 60

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Data from 225 multiple myeloma (MM) patients, undergoing peripheral stem cell (PBSC) mobilization with high-dose cyclophosphamide and hematopoietic growth factors, were analyzed for median CD34+ cell count and median time to post-transplant neutrophil (ANC > 500/μ l) and platelet (> 50 000/μ l) recovery according to age groups (20–49, 50–59 and 60 years) and duration of prior therapy (12, 13–24 or >24 months). Fifty-seven of the 225 patients were 60 years. No difference in either the median number of CD34+ cells collected or time to engraftment occurred between age groups, when adjusted for duration of prior therapy. These data support the concept that autotransplants can be performed safely in patients 60 years and that these patients should not be excluded from the most effective treatment modalities.

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