Hobhouse Memorial Lectures, 1930–40


THIS volume contains the first ten lectures delivered in memory of L. T. Hobhouse. They make an unusually interesting collection. The subjects selected are all clearly related to his interests, and most of the lecturers were personal friends. Hobhouse is chiefly remembered for his social and political studies ; but two of the lectures indicate appropriately his contributions to the general theory of knowledge. Dawes Hicks contributes a characteristically penetrating but difficult discussion on "Thought and Real Existence" ; C. S. Myers, under the provocative title "The Absurdity of Any Mind-Body Relation", argues cogently that the usual mode of discussing the relation involves a misconception of the nature of mind and body. J. L. Stocks's lecture on "Materialism in Politics" starts from the Aristotelian argument that where there is form or order it is an error to suppose the form is produced by the material which displays it. His point is that this error is common in modern political thought ; not only among Marxists, but also among many who consider themselves good democrats after the Western model, to the detriment of democratic institutions.

Hobhouse Memorial Lectures, 1930–40

Pp. vii + 298. (London : Oxford University Press, 1948.) 10s. 6d. net.


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