Physiology at the Queen‘s University, Belfast : Dr. A. D. M. Greenfield

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    THE Queen‘s University of Belfast announces the appointment of Dr. A. D. M. Greenfield to the Dunville chair of physiology in succession to Prof. H. Barcroft, now at St. Thomas‘s Hospital Medical School (see Nature, 160, 704 ; 1947). Dr. Greenfield was a scholar of St. Mary‘s Hospital, and obtained first class honours in physiology in the B.Sc. examination of the University of London. After holding posts at St. Mary‘s in both medicine and pathology, he was appointed to the Department of Physiology, under the direction of Prof. A. St. G. Huggett. A year ago he became senior lecturer in experimental physiology. Dr. Greenfield at first worked with Dr. Killick (now Professor) on acclimatization to chronic carbon monoxide poisoning. More recently, he has shown great ingenuity in devising methods for the study of the circulation both in man and animals. During the War, these were used on behalf of the R.A.F. to study the effect of variations of g on the blood pressure. Since then Greenfield has worked with Huggett on foetal physiology and found a method for determining the rate of the blood flow in the umbilical cord. At a recent meeting of the Physiological Society he showed how the movements of a large bubble could be photographed and used to indicate the rate of the blood flow in a part of the body, as, for example, the hand. Dr. Greenfield‘s special knowledge of the physiology of the circulation will be of great value in Belfast, where work in this field has been in progress for some years.

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